Community Health Program

It all starts with you

Do you receive STI testing or treatment services at NovusACS?

Are you on PrEP or HIV medications?

Getting your PrEP and HIV medications through NovusACS helps the community.

NovusACS belongs to a federal discount medication pricing program known as the 340B discount program. The 340B discount program was passed by congress to stretch valuable medical resources such as those provided by NovusACS.

Without the 340B program, all the profits made on your PrEP or HIV medications go to the pharmaceutical companies. With the 340B program, a designated entity (like Novus) purchases medications below retail pricing. The discounted medications are stored at a participating 340B pharmacy.  When your medication is filled a share of the profits go directly to NovusACS.

When you participate in the 340B program, there are no additional costs to you, or your insurance company. 100% of the funds generated by the 340B program are used to support the sexual health program at Novus. The funds provide testing services and medications for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and hepatitis C.

To learn more, ask a NovusACS healthcare provider about the 340B discount program or call us at 610 867-5365