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Community Health Program

Your Health, Our Commitment – Join Us in Making a Difference

Your Choice Matters

At Novus, we’re not just providing STI testing and treatment services; we’re part of a movement. By choosing us for your PrEP or HIV medication needs, you’re playing a crucial role in a community-focused initiative.

How Does It Work?

Our participation in the 340B discount program, established by Congress, is central to this effort. This program enables us to purchase medications, including PrEP and HIV treatments, at prices lower than the retail cost. Unlike the standard model where pharmaceutical companies retain all profits, the 340B program ensures that a portion of these profits supports our community health mission.

The 340B Program: A Win-Win for Everyone

When you fill your prescription through this program, it’s not just a transaction—it’s a partnership. The best part? This comes at no extra cost to you or your insurance. Every cent generated through this initiative is reinvested into Novus’s sexual health program, aiding in providing essential services and medications for STI, HIV, and hepatitis C treatment.

Your Role in Community Health

Your decision to get your PrEP and HIV medications through Novus under the 340B program is a powerful contribution to a larger cause. It’s a simple yet impactful way to support community health services.