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Community Outreach

Coming together to create change.

Our community outreach and education department works with many regional agencies, organizations, and schools to provide testing, education, and information aimed at breaking down social stigmas and helping to prevent the spread of disease.

We can offer:

  • Free sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
  • Free rapid HIV & Hepatitis C testing
  • Educational programming for staff & students
  • Free condom distributions

Mobile Health Unit

We are dedicated to providing our services to every person who needs them. To this effect, our Mobile Health Unit performs a critical role in bringing high-quality, free-to-low-cost care to vulnerable populations. 

The vehicle houses two modern exam rooms, as well as a waiting area and restroom. Onboard, we are able to offer a wide range of health care services and can provide referrals to other providers as needed. All services are confidential, and patients can expect to receive excellent care in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Anyone over the age of 13 is eligible to receive services through Novus Medical Services. 

Our 26-foot-long Mobile Health Unit is fully self-efficient and only requires a parking spot. 

Community Health Program

We also belong to the 340B discount program, a federal initiative designed to help stretch valuable medical resources such as ours.

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