Hepatitis C Care

NovusACS is devoted to treating and curing patients with Hepatitis C, commonly known as Hep C. NovusACS is here to help you gain knowledge of what Hepatitis C is and receive the proper treatment and care, so you can face this diagnosis head-on. Every patient will meet with a provider to choose the treatment that is best for them. The providers at NovusACS have the experience to give you a precise diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan that may be able to cure your hep C. Our providers have access to treatments that target the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

People with hepatitis C typically don’t have symptoms as the virus slowly attacks the liver. Hepatitis C patients are at very high risk for liver cancer. Left untreated, Hepatitis C can lead to serious liver problems, including fibrosis (scarring of the liver), cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

The staff at NovusACS are able to walk you through the entire treatment process and are committed to providing the highest quality care in an atmosphere of dignity and compassion for everyone regardless of gender, sexual identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. If you do have Hepatitis C it is important that you seek medical care. If you are unsure if you have Hepatitis C, we offer a free rapid Hepatitis C testing. Get tested if you haven’t!  It could save your life.

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